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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

adaQuest is your strategic Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security Partner to support your on-premise and on the cloud IT infrastructure security. From analysis and assessments through implementation of the latest technologies and ongoing security monitoring of your IT infrastructure.


Identity Protection

Identity-based security with modern technology helps organizations to prevent data leakage, control data on-premises and in the cloud and managed access at scale with cloud-powered protection. In today’s environment, it is paramount to any organization to provide the utmost protection mechanisms to employees, partners and customer’s identities alike.

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Information Protection

Modern information and data protection allow you to share sensitive data internally and externally, security controls will travel with the data, wherever the data is residing. In addition, advanced security controls for application management will assure 3rd party apps are properly managed and will not leak sensitive information.

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Threat Protection

Identify and manage cybersecurity risk is paramount in today’s environment. Protect data on managed and unmanaged devices, deploy secure virtual desktops, and secure access to cloud and on-premises resources. It is no longer enough to just protect, the new posture requires the ability to also monitor and remediate any breach.

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Regulatory Compliance

Organizations are challenged to comply with laws and regulations while also increasing shareholder value and protecting their brand. Compliance with national, regional, and industry-specific requirements governing the collection and use of individuals’ data is on the rise. Use compliance-oriented technology to reduce work effort and cost of your journey of compliance.

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CISO 1 Day Workshop

This work shop is designed to help your IT organization assess the status of your IT security gaps and priorities, provide an overview of all a modern security approach for your cloud and hybrid IT environment and build a high-level plan outlining a roadmap of security enhancement.

Office 365 Security Tune-Up

We will deploy one of our security expert to run a report on your Office 365 tenant and identify all the security capabilities you have available and not utilizing, our recommendation will be based your guidance of priorities and use the office 365 secure score report as a start point in addition to auditing of all security and compliance controls configuration

GDPR Assessment

Many organizations have not realized yet the General Data Protection and Regulation also apply to US companies that stores data about European citizens. This Assessment will help identify whether the security controls and procedures for data handling you have current deployed in your organization are compliant with GDPR requirements. We will also provide a high-level recommendation of areas that must be addressed to increase compliance.